About Andrew

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Self Alchemy is my purpose. 

Supporting healing and growth is how I help create a beautiful world.

I am fascinated by our world, and all cultures. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, English, and am even studying an indigenous language from the Amazon rainforest.

A deep respect and curiosity for the human experience led me into humanitarian work. In my twenties, I felt a deep call to be of service. I was led to working in orphanages in Mexico for three years. I witnessed first-hand the suffering and pain of abandoned children.


What struck me most though, was the resilience and hope that seemed to be naturally inside of them. Even amidst the sadness, their souls still shined. 

Curiosity about suffering and soul led me into psychology. I completed a B.A. and M.A. in clinical psychology and am currently completing a Ph.D in Depth Psychology.

I was not satisfied with a purely clinical perspective. Soul must be acknowledged. Our lives and problems are much more vibrant than a diagnosis can contain. I find inspiration for my work in nature, art, culture, music, traveling, medicinal plants, and the universal search for soul. 

Spiritual discipline and Mindfulness have played a key role in my own journey. I have practice meditation, embrace new-age spirituality, and ancient wisdom. I nurture my intuitive nature and compassionate presence through spiritual discipline. 

I studied coaching and life strategy on top of psychology because I value practical guidance and getting things done!

All this amounts to me offering an integrative approach to healing and growth based in depth psychology, coaching, life strategy, and spiritual counseling. 

My role in our work takes many shapes, some of them are:

Life Strategist

Compassionate Witness

Intuitive Listener





Companion into the Soul

Accountability Partner



  • Life Strategy training program

  • BA in clinical psychology

  • MA in clinical psychology, AMFT

  • Current: PhD in Depth Psychology, specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing practices

P.S. Much of my free time is dedicated to supporting indigenous guardians of the Amazon rainforest. Adventures to the rainforest are where I put my inner work to the test. They are a gift to my Soul. In the rainforest the Soul sees itself in the vibrant reflection of all the beautiful and magnificent forms of life.